Filmed at Budart Meditative Art Festival, Los Angeles, 2017.

About Budart

Budart is a community of professional artists who express the world of meditation in their works. Using a variety of artistic media (painting, sculpture, installation, music, etc.), we explore ways of capturing images, feelings, and insights born in meditation and conveying them to the audience – immediate and undiluted by thought, language or translation.


We believe that, among different strands of contemporary art, meditative art deserves its story to be told more emphatically and convincingly. That is why we search for talented meditating artists all over the world to promote and showcase their work at exhibitions and online platforms. Our first international exhibition will be held on September 16-21 in Los Angeles, USA. The Budart exposition of over 50 meditative artworks, accompanying the Piprahwa relic of Buddha Sakyamuni, will create a space to experience the fusion of art and meditation in a way never seen before.


To promote the principles of meditative art and make it a more tangible experience, we organize regular workshops and art retreats for both professional artists and all those who would like to explore the concept. For our launching event, we interviewed over two hundred artist-meditators and invited fifteen of them to participate in a two day reality show called Meditative Art Creation. The resulting documentary allows the viewer a behind the scenes look at the artist process. It will be shown at the Budart Festival.


We believe that meditative art has a transformative power, because it transmits the message of kindness – the underlying philosophy of all classical systems of meditation. As such meditative art, and artist become agents of change creating solutions to the many pressing problems of the modern world.

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