Alexander Andromeda


Alexander Andromeda's paintings show other worlds existing both within us and far-far away


Alexander Andromeda explores the ideas of mysticism and cosmism in his art, employing an extremely realistic style to emphasize the “otherness” of his protagonists and landscapes. According to reviews, his art possesses a “unique magnetic quality”: it seems that inhabitants of other worlds are looking at you through his paintings, and their eyes radiate power, deep understanding, and infinite compassion.


Alexander is a very experienced Buddhist practitioner, and he teaches his own meditation classes. Alexander says that, while meditating, he sees vivid and luminous images that he eagerly transfers onto canvas.


Over the span of 30 years, Alexander participated in multiple exhibitions with the most recent including: the Flora Fantasia Exhibition at the Ratio Art Gallery (2015), the Other Land Exhibition (2015), and the Energy Art Exhibition (2016) in St. Petersburg.



What themes do you find most compelling to explore in your art?

For me, creative act is spontaneous, and its outcome – unpredictable. When I take a brush, a forget about time. I am one on one with the Space. Many people, who see my paintings, believe that I am able to sense and express very truthfully in my art the energy of other worlds. As for me, my highest ambition is to create healing art that radiates peace, love, and hope.


What artworks and achievements do you consider to be the most important in your career?

I have a large painting, 6.5 by 7 feet, called Andromedian Madonna. This is my talisman. When I teach meditation, it serves as a focal point and enhances meditation experience for my students and myself. Many people see this image in their sleep, and she guides them to the Light.


What is your goal as an artist?

Recurring motifs of my work are centered on light, harmony, and purpose. This is my conscious choice. An artist has power to influence the world, and he or she responsible for the social and spiritual impact of his or her creations. 

But when I stand in front of a canvas, I do not reason. I don’t see ordinary men in either others or myself. There are other worlds living in us. Alien and mythological creatures of all kinds look at the world through our eyes, and I am looking through theirs. That is why it is very easy for me to come up with the subject matter for my fantasy paintings.


Can you think of a situation when you did more than was expected of you?

For over 18 years, I have been involved in the life of a child, who suffers from a disability and autistic disorder. Although we have no blood ties, now he calls me father. When I think about this, it seems that I have done something kind and useful.