Anna Zimorodok


Anna's artworks radiate an otherworldly aura of affection and gentle strength


In her artworks, Anna Zimorodok combines the painting style of the Renaissance masters and rock miniature. Anna’s images seem to radiate an otherworldly aura of affection and gentle strength. To achieve this effect, layers of transparent paint are illuminated from the bottom by leaf gold and mother of pearl and matched by the pattern of the stone.


Anna draws inspiration for her art from yoga and meditation: “Images of my future paintings often come to me in meditation. After the practice, I can take on artistic tasks which I did not know how to approach earlier”.


One of Anna’s favorite meditations is the White Cloud. It is very simple: you should mentally concentrate on the white light and the feeling of love in you heart.


Anna is person with a heart of gold. As a part of the Budart team, she was visiting one of the orphanages in Moscow to hold a series of workshops called "The Colors of Joy". Through painting, music, and dance, children were learning how to express themselves and create without fear and boundaries. Anna was teaching them to weave protective talismans that are imbued with feelings of happiness, kindness, and affection.