Nataliya Klyucheva


Nataliya Klucheva's paintings seem to open up extra dimensions – those of smell, sound, and emotion


Nataliya Klyucheva’s paintings resound with a feeling of freshness, vibrancy, and delicate charm, reminiscent of music and poetry cast in vibrant colors and bold brushstrokes. Her art communicates with the viewer on many different levels and seems to open up extra dimensions – those of smell, sound, and emotion. The series of abstract works dedicated to the theme of elements conveys a vision Nataliya experienced in her meditation and shares her emotional perception of the building blocks of existence.


According to Nataliya, one of the most exciting events in her life was the publication of her book of verses for children. Most of copies were donated to a children’s wing of an oncology hospital.


Nataliya has been doing yoga since early childhood, when her father first introduced her to its philosophy and practice. She remembers her father drawing asanas and making handwritten copies of yoga books at the time they were forbidden in Russia.