Rina Dzhava


Rina Dzhava's artworks attempt to solve one of the greatest contradictions - between the mighty current of life and the stillness of contemplation


Rina Dzhava is a professional sculptor and a drawing artist. She describes her style as a combination of symbolism and archaic art in a modern interpretation. In her art, Rina attempts to solve one of the greatest contradictions of the Western culture – the everlasting struggle between the spirit and the matter, between the mighty current of life and the stillness of contemplation. In the meditative space of acceptance and inclusiveness created by the artist, the game of life unfolds with all its depth, complexity, solidity – and at the same time reveals its dream-like nature. Rina’s art does not make any demands on the viewer, it is free from any ideology, but at the same time it sends the message of acceptance that extends beyond the tendency of mind to categorize everything into meaningful/meaningless, beautiful/ugly, useful/useless and so on.


Rina takes great interest in meditations of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Qigong, and ThetaHealing. She also follows a popular Biodanzamovement, which is about being in the 'here and now' with music, dancing, ourselves and others. 


Rina’s central work is a composition of three sculptures called “A Voyage”, which was exhibited in the Moscow Kremlin. This is a large-scale sculpture with the major piece being four feet high and three feet long. Her main contribution to the Budart Exhibition to take place in Los Angeles on September 16-21st is a sculpture of Ananda Maitreya Maha Thero, one of the greatest masters of meditation in the 20th century, a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk and a scholar. 


What themes do you find most compelling to explore in your art?

Metaphysical relationship between the human being and the larger world. I am also drawn to theme of the animal kingdom: throughout history images of animals have always been loaded with deep meaning and symbolism. But, however strange that may sound, I would like to communicate with my viewers not so much through the meaning of the image, but through the energy behind it.


Is there a message you hope to leave with your viewers?

I want people to see that the world is incredible, unpredictable and so different from what we usually imagine. The world around us is like a magical chest with gemstones. You just need to know how to look. My greatest hope as an artist is to help people awaken to the beauty of life, to show them the light of their hearts reflected in sculpture and on canvas.


What is your goal as an artist?

I strive to awaken, to become happier and more complete. For me, the creative process is a delight in itself, and it fascinates me perhaps even more than the result. I would like to share the joy of creativity with others and say to them, “Look around, life is a celebration! You have everything you need to be happy and blissful!” I want my art to illuminate the hearts of people.


What inspires you as an artist?

Radiant people, creative, loving people, people of action. Astonishing nature, its subtle states, versatility and complexity of the world.