Ana maria velasco  New York, U.S.

Ana maria velasco
New York, U.S.

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Ana Maria Velasco, a Colombian born painter living in New York, explores the issue of interconnectedness between art, society, and nature. For Ana Maria, it is very important to create situations allowing general audience to sense new ways to understand the idea of unity. She has been practicing Indo-Tibetan traditions and yoga for almost two decades, and the idea of micro cosmos and macro cosmos is a guiding principle in her life and in her art, as she believes that “our external reality is a projection of our internal world.” Read more





"Meditation practice contributes to awareness and stability of mind. These are the qualities that allow a person to live a more ethical and conscious life.

I practice meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which gives me more awareness, stamina and concentration. I can stay focused for longer periods time and I can develop ideas with a more open and spacious mind. Meditation also provides me with more tools to work with the challenges that come up for me as an artist pursuing a career in New York City."


Ten years ago Ana Maria created a non-profit organization that brought yoga, meditation, and art to those affected by armed a conflict and trauma in Colombia. She was also part of a team who built the first Buddhist Stupa in Colombia. Currently she continues dedicating her efforts to developing community projects in her home country, teaches yoga and meditation.



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