Liana Moon


Paintor, meditator,
art therapist


Born in Moscow, Russia


Participated in exhibitions in Moscow (2008, 2010, 2015), and Bangkok, Thailand


Practices meditations of Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Yoga, Shaolin martial arts


Budart artists have many years of meditation practice behind them. To bring visibility to that which is unseen by the physical eye, they have mastered classical meditation, yoga, qigong, different religious practices, and modern methods of self-development. Each of the artists has his own story and his own way of tuning into the state of deep absorption, but what they share in common is their passion to create pure and healing art.


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Artist's Story

Liana Moon's paintings capture the passing of time

Liana Moon describes her style as “reductive scientific surrealism.” She plays with color and form in her bright, organic abstracts, balancing spontaneous compositions with the meticulous application of acrylic paint. She is interested in these contradictions in her works, between science and humanity, real and digital space, and shifting personal identities, seeing them as a catalyst for independent thought in her viewers.

Liana is pursuing an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London. She received a BFA from Hunter College in New York. She was recently shortlisted for the Fullbright UK Open Award and received the Andy and Marsha Glazer Painting Award, Art of the Northeast Exhibition in 2015. Cecilia has participated in residencies in Finland and Vermont and will have one at Rud Air in Sweden this year. Her works have been shown in group exhibitions in the UK and the US.

What are you favourite artistic themes?

In my artworks, I try to express unusual states of mind. I believe that inside every and each of us there resides an absolutely liberated and harmonious being – Buddha, Shiva, Jesus… I generally draw images representing personal manifestations of such internal enlightened beings. That is why I often paint my friends, acquaintances, and even myself.

What mediTation do you practice?

The practice, which benefits me most, is the White Tara. Tara is an embodiment of motherhood, absolute purity and wisdom, loving-kindness directed at all living beings. When I do the White Tara meditation, each time it feels like coming back home. When I merge with this deity, when I see its manifestations inside me, all fears disappear, and every moment, every action, and every situation takes on a more profound meaning.

What inspires you as an artist?

Sometimes situations in life work out smoothly and seemingly without my interference. It is a sort of miracle, when you make no effort externally to adjust the world to your needs, but instead you work with your attitudes, and eventually external circumstances change to match your internal state.

Can you think of a situation when you helped someone or did more than was expected of you?

I can think of many situations like that. There is one thing I’ve noticed: when I do more than people expect of me, the person who is interacting with me or looking at my painting, ends up doing much more than he expected of himself.


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