Salvation Through Enlightenment

One of the recent trends in the western society is a trend ignited by Robert Wright whose latest book is the bestselling piece of modern literature. The core idea of the book is the problem of humanity in general and how we can walk out of the evolutionary dead end to find a new way of harmonic living. Wright deterministically talks meditation and Buddhism, he argues that only through spiritual we balance out material, and he puts effort to empirically back up his claims.

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While the book is more than interesting on its own and has been discussed dozens of times, we want to focus on key aspects of the book.

Why meditation helps. Wright does not specify that you need to be a Buddhist in order to meditate effectively. However, being religious and believing in spiritual obviously help in meditation. The results of various studies showed that stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders can be treated with meditation.

Why meditation is for you. Praying to your gods may be somewhat limiting. Being a person whose inner peace is not interrupted by persistent conflicts of the material world is quite easy if you meditate instead of searching salvation in churches and religious groups. Meditation is absolutely neutral and this is its biggest attraction according to Wright.

Meditation is a method not a way. Wright was quite clear that he dislikes the very concept of enlightenment and considers it a stage in one’s life when he starts neglecting coaching and becomes less concerned with earthly things. Meditation is not a way to run away from reality and seeing through the fabric of our world. Meditation is a great tool that can be used to unlock our potential and significantly improve the quality of life.

World will be closer to peace. One of the core messages of the book is that we can collectively reach the so-called “metacognitive revolution” as a species. This will lead to universal peace and collective understanding of morals. While you may believe that this idea is not realistic, Wright thinks that there is nothing more real.

Whether you agree with the philosophy of the author or not, you should decide on your own. The book is worthy of checking out though.