Celebrating The Miracles of Buddhism: Modhu Purnima

September 6, 2017. This is a special date for any Buddhist. This is a special day for people seeking for enlightenment. Celebrated by millions of people all over the world and by many of people in our art community, this holiday is a way to pay tribute to Buddha and his selfless zealous strive to bring peace to those who fight. Harmony, balance, and peace are core parts of Buddhist philosophy. No wonder, we devote so much time and effort to praise one of the best examples of peace-creating in the history of Buddhism.


We love to showcase positive Buddhist art related to this beautiful legend. You surely noticed gorgeous images created by skillful artists for various Budart festivals. There are pictures of Buddha with fruits and honey in front of him, gifts from a monkey and Parileyyaka. Some artists tried to capture the very spirit of the legend or weave its motives in their own creations.

Meditative art is all about transcending earthly things and reaching to the edge of spiritual. This is how positive art is materialized – through creative meditation and studying the legacy of our ancestors.

Celebrations of Modhu Purnima usually occur during August or September. This year, millions of Buddhists all over the world carried their gifts of fruits and honey to local temples on September 6. On this special day we must pay homage to the act of wisdom and peace making conducted by Buddha by offering him gifts just like elephant Parileyyaka and a monkey did centuries ago.

Several countries consider this holiday one of the most important. Bangladesh is one of many places in Asia where people gather in huge groups and bring their gifts to Buddhist temples while government official prepare various festivities. Bangladesh people celebrate this day vigorously and forget about quarrels between each other. Modhu Purnima is a day of forgiveness and unification.

The holiday is a very important date for Chinese and Indian Buddhists. In the end, the confrontation that forced Buddha himself to go to the forest and receive gifts from local animals happened between monks of Kosambi (Allahabad, India). The vast majority of modern bhikkhu monks reside in Thailand and China. Buddhist in both countries celebrate this day and pray for peace between people in the whole world.

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