The Walk of peace: The Spiritual Unification

A loud message of peace has been sent from the most troubled part of the world – Northern America. Torn apart with seemingly endless protests and internal conflicts, the country craves for serenity and peace.


Some argue that it is hard to bring the wind of change to a country that has no time for spiritual and puts material on the pedestal, but monastic groups of that region do believe that this is not the case.

To make a message sound and loud, one does not have to cry out desperately. In fact, 50 monks and nuns from the local monastic community decided to make their message as silent as possible. So silent that even the slightest movement of air speaks for people sending the message to everyone. A silent walk is an event tightly related to spiritual mediation.

This speechless parade occurred on September 9th and united several thousand people who either joined the walk or decided to support the cause. People from art communities, local offices, and those striving for enlightenment made this amazing event happen.

All that silent motion was filmed and the final movie will be professionally edited and narrated by the one and only benedict Cumberbatch whose dedication to study the spiritual side of our world has been widely acknowledged by his fans.

 The final produce promises to be a form of positive art, the one that makes us closer to each other through demonstrating how good will erases borders between nationalities, countries, and agendas. A true moment of spiritual unification; a delightful gesture of peacemaking.

We at Budart believe that only through such majestic actions can we truly start moving in the right direction as species. Humanity needs to strip itself from anger and attempts to work out differences by yelling and fighting. A silent walk will work wonderfully instead of loud quarrelling.

The event is inspired by the ideas of the spiritual leader of the monastic community Thich Nhat Nanh. His emotional poem that helps thousands of his followers meditate and explore their own spirituality is treated like the hymn of the event and can be found here alongside other information about the event.

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