Meditative Art Exhibition


For thousands of years, meditation has been a pathway to understand and master deeper sources of thoughts, emotions, and longings residing in each of us. Much of the history of art represents a very similar attempt to reveal the secret workings of the human soul and convey them expressively and powerfully in different art forms.

However, only recently in modern history have these two worlds – art and meditation – started to systematically merge in the works of a new generation of artists. The Budart Meditative Art Exhibition has became one of the first attempts to reveal this inspiring concept. Join us!

September 16-21st, 2017 // Los Angeles

at Budart Meditative Art Festival



The Budart Exhibition creates a space where one can experience the fusion of art and meditation in a way never seen before. Paintings and sculptures on display are produced by an international group of artists, who practice meditation and translate their exciting and very personal spiritual journeys into shapes and colors. 



Each painting is an expression of its author’s meditation and as such represents an attempt to transcend the realm of the ordinary and reach the state of ultimate clarity, tranquillity, and self-realization. Crowning the exhibition is the Piprahwa relic of Buddha Sakyamuni, which for millions of people in the world is a symbol and material embodiment of the highest meditative achievement.



The exhibition presents a new take on visual art, which goes beyond material forms to convey the spirit and energy behind them. When an artist consciously alters his or her emotional and mental state while working on canvas, such paintings become uniquely powerful in terms of how they affect the audience. They are born not of superficial thoughts and feelings, but originate from the very heart and soul of an artist. And that which originates deep within the artist resonates deep with the viewer.

Pema Rinzin4Budart.png


Meditative art is an art of light and insight. Some of the paintings shown at the exhibition immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of peace, silence, and warm affection; while others are imbued with the feeling of impermanence and transcience of all things. But each of them, we hope, shows a glimpse of that distant world which is unchanging and free from all suffering. 


Our gallery during Budart Meditative Art Festival

September 16-21st, 2017 // Los Angeles