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Journey to Your Future Self Workshop with Peter Oppermann

In this guided meditation "Journey to your Future Self" we are leaving linear time and engage in an inner dialogue with your 'Future Self', the part of yourself which already has access to your future state. This can be helpful if you're working on a creative project or are calling in more desirable circumstances at work or in your personal life.


You will be able to ask questions relevant to the outcome of your project and learn about the 'Secret Sauce' of your success. Walk away with less anxiety and greater clarity about what the future may hold for you and which inspired action you can take right now.


Peter Oppermann has practiced meditation for over 20 years and studied with some of the most renowned meditation teachers in the US and Asia, such as Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Lama Surya Das and Geshe Michael Roach. Peter has also been an entrepreneur for 20 years and founder of a non-profit organization in The Bronx, NY training ex-convicts in mindfulness and job skills.

Location: Auditorium