Hector Marcel


"One of the most liberating moments of a human life comes when we recognize our incredible capacity for transformation. Changing the way we interact with our world, changes the way we experience that world; bringing a kind of peace that is unmoved by external conditions.”

Hector Marcel, an outstanding public speaker, artist, and social entrepreneur, will deliver a series of lectures and workshops at the Budart event, sharing very practical insights into how to use meditation in our daily lives – not in theory, not as an ideal, but in everything we do. We invite you to study new ways of applying the principles of ancient wisdom to bring more happiness, creativity, and sense of purpose to our lives.


As an artist, Hector creates modern metaphors for the awakening wisdoms of Eastern philosophy. His latest work – the Wheel of Life installation – is a contemporary interpretation of ancient Buddhist iconography, which informed entire generations of a personal path to an ultimate freedom.


“The diagram (Wheel of Life), said to be designed by Buddha himself, depicts an inner psychological cosmology that has had great influence throughout Asia. It is much like a map of the world or the periodic table of elements, but it is a map of an internal process and its external effects.” (Jeffrey Hopkins, American Tibetologist)



Hector Marcel’s work deconstructs the traditional Buddhist depiction of cycles of suffering and rebirth. His piece invites the viewer to enter a childlike joyful experience that dominos out of control so naturally that by the time the viewer realizes they've lost their grip, the experience is over.


Hector was young and now he is old; soon he'll be young again. We are all gonna die. 



The Wheel of life installation




Hector MARCEL's TED Talk


Born in Argentina and educated in Australia, Hector Marcel is a social entrepreneur, public speaker and seasoned organizational change management professional specializing in performance, culture and service. With 15 years of powerful experience leading successful cultural transformations in the public and private sectors in Australia, Hector now consults from his base in New York City to a variety of international clients, integrating eastern philosophy into corporate Culture and modern life.


He is also a teacher of eastern philosophy, linking ancient Asian ideas to modern western concepts for students in the United States, Asia and South America. He serves as the Director of the Three Jewels Outreach Center, a Buddhist Center teaching Dharma, Yoga, Meditation in the heart of New York City for over 20 years.  


As a Senior Teacher for The Asian Classics Institute (ACI) he delivers a summarized program of the Buddhist Monastic “Geshe” Degree (Doctorate of Philosophy). He is the Founder and Director of the 108 Lives Project, a micro non- profit that cares for underprivileged communities in Nepal.