Liana Moon,  Moscow, Russia

Liana Moon,
Moscow, Russia


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Liana's paintings represent an attempt to transcend the seeming diversity of visible phenomena and find the bottom-line to which all experiences converge. The artist’s quest for underlying unity motivates the use of minimalistic yet expressive artistic media (gel pen on canvas) as well as extensive exploration of the symbolic language of the Western mythology and Eastern philosophical systems.. Read more




Liana's art expresses the spirit and insights of TIbetan Buddhism, which she has come to understand deeply after years of serious meditation practice and traveling around the sacred places of the planet.


"The practice, which benefits me most, is the White Tara. Tara is an embodiment of motherhood, absolute purity and wisdom, loving-kindness directed at all living beings. When I do the White Tara meditation, each time it feels like coming back home. When I merge with this deity, when I see its manifestations inside me, all fears disappear, and every moment, every action, and every situation takes on a more profound meaning."



"I think it is the greatest act of kindness, when after coming in contact with your art a person suddenly gets access to the source of the inner strength, becomes more open, free, and brave, when he does something he was afraid of doing before. "



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