Meditation& ARt


Meditative art encompasses a wide range of art forms (painting, sculpture, music, installation, etc.) and reinvents them to create a totally new dimension of communication between an artist and his audience, which goes beyond shape, color or sound. Coming in contact with a piece of meditative art, the viewer should be able to feel the same quietness, stillness, and silence of mind the author was experiencing in the process of making it.

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Nikolai Makarov, an world renowned Russian born artist and the founder of the Museum of Silence in Berlin, believes that the "time has come for fine art to achieve one of its oldest objectives: drawing beholders into contemplation and thus bringing them into contact with the spiritual aspects of the self". 



Sherab “Shey” Khandro, a distinguished American artist, was ordained as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition for 15 years. In her art, Sherab utilizes the intent of her vow as a Bodhisattva, a vow taken by Buddhists to return again and again until all suffering has come to an end: each stroke of her brush holds a prayer of compassion.



Aaron Taylor Kuffner, an American born conceptual artist, a creator of Gamelatron – the first in the world musical installation merging the thousand-year-old sonic tradition of Indonesia (Gamelan) and the emerging field of robotics – provides unique conceptual tools that further the evolution of consciousness through the experience of beauty and the sublime.

Who creates meditative art? 

All participants of the Budart project have many years of meditation practice behind them. To bring visibility to that which is unseen by the physical eye, they have mastered different kinds of meditation (Tibetan, Theravada, Zen and so on), which gave them a serene, compassionate and peaceful mind. Each of the Budart artists has his or her own story, but what they share in common is their willingness to take this experience beyond their meditation room and express it through their art – immediate and undiluted by thought, language or translation.



How do meditative artworks emerge?

Whatsoever you create reflects your mind. Every product of an artistic effort forever bears the imprint of the emotions, feelings, impulses of its author – the very essence of the artist's personality. That is why when a painter masters meditation, his or her paintings become tremendously profound. If the mind goes deeper, the painting will also go deeper. As a result such artworks become uniquely powerful in terms of how they affect the audience. They are born not of superficial thoughts and feelings, but originate from the very heart and soul of an artist. And that which originates deep within resonates deeply with the viewer.



How should meditative artworks be viewed?

Each Budart painting, sculpture or installation is a gateway into an artist’s meditation. You may choose an image or philosophy that resonates with you most, then calm your mind and open yourself to the artwork, to the energy and light it carries. In this way, without any words, you will feel the meditation the artist was practicing in the process of work. This is the moment when meditative art is truly born – when two meditations happen, that of an artist creating a painting and that of a viewer completely absorbed in its contemplation.



What is the message of meditative artists to the world?

Meditative art draws on the underlying philosophy of kindness and giving natural to all classical systems of meditation and self-development. This is art that promotes goodness, love, peace, happiness, and joy. Art that can never hurt.


"I think that art has the capacity to transform people’s perceptions and therefore society… I try to create performative experiences where people are encourage to reflect or have a new insight in what it means to be kind and generous, even in simple daily activities as talking or eating." Katherine Patiño Miranda


"I want people to see that the world is incredible, unpredictable and so different from what we usually imagine. The world around us is like a magical treasure chest. You just need to know how to look. My greatest hope as an artist is to help people awaken to the beauty of life, to show them the light in their hearts reflected in sculpture and on canvas." Rina Java


"I think it is the greatest act of kindness, when after coming in contact with your art people suddenly gets access to the source of their inner strength, become more open, free, and brave, when they do something they were afraid of doing before." Liana Moon