Piprahwa Relics of the Buddha

On Display in Major Buddhist Temples of LA


September 23-25, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, California


For the first time in the history of the United states


The Piprahwa relics of the Buddha were on public display at Budart Exhibition and in three major Buddhist temples of Los Angeles. Thousands of people came to receive the blessing of the Relic and to experience the illumination and serenity of meditation simply by being in their presence.


Brought to the U.S. from a renowned monastery in Sri Lanka, the relics represent an archaeological find of immense historical and cultural value. For Buddhist all over the world, they are a symbol and material embodiment of the ultimate meditative achievement. During public displays in India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand over 10 million of people used this unique opportunity to pay their respects to the Buddha.


Placed at the center of meditative art collection, the Piprahwa relics served as a physical representation of something, which is impossible to illustrate via visual media, something, which defies form. By some accounts, the relic created an atmosphere of true immersion in the realm of silence and light, the timeless and deathless. Who knows? Perhaps something similar could have been experienced in the presence of the Buddha himself over 2500 years ago.


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