Sherab "Shey" Khandro  Sedona, US

Sherab "Shey" Khandro
Sedona, US


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Sherab Khandro desribes her painting style as a mix of the ancient and the contemporary, strongly influenced by the altruistic, meditative practices of Tibetan Buddhism and her experiences of modern life. It is meant to tell a story, spark inquiry, invite a deeper reflection. Featured prominently in her paintings is the neo-impressionistic style of Pointillism.... Read more




"At the center of my meditation practice is the simple yet profound practice of stabilizing the mind through breath awareness meditation. This practice keeps me in touch with the quiet knowing within and helps me to maintain a certain spaciousness in my mind. In addition, I practice contemplations of the fundamental human values of compassion, loving kindness, patience, joy, generosity and gratitude."



"…I believe the intention we establish for our lives influences the results we create… As artists, if we include a philosophy of loving kindness and compassion in the work we produce, loving kindness and compassion will consciously or unconsciously be experienced in the work. The work itself becomes our voice.  What are we saying to the world through what we are creating?  What energy do we bring alive? How can it be of benefit?"



Me at work