Rina DZhava,  Moscow, Russia

Rina DZhava,
Moscow, Russia


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Rina Dzhava is a professional sculptor and a drawing artist. She describes her style as a combination of symbolism and archaic art in a modern interpretation. In her art, Rina attempts to solve one of the greatest contradictions of the Western culture – the everlasting struggle between the spirit and the matter, between the mighty current of life and the stillness of contemplation... Read more





Rina practices meditations of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Qigong, and ThetaHealing. She also follows a popular Biodanza movement, which is about being in the 'here and now' with music, dancing, ourselves and others. 

These practices give Rina a sense of the "incredible depth and fullness of live, of the unity and interconnectedness of everything on the Earth". And these are the feelings she attempts to express in her art.



"I want people to see that the world is incredible, unpredictable and so different from what we usually imagine. The world around us is like a magical chest with gemstones. You just need to know how to look. My greatest hope as an artist is to help people awaken to the beauty of life, to show them the light of their hearts reflected in sculpture and on canvas."



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