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About Budart

About Budart

Meditative Art Exhibition & Festival   Los Angeles, September 16-21st, 2017

Meditative Art Exhibition & Festival
Los Angeles, September 16-21st, 2017





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Meditative Art Creation



The birth of meditative art is a story truly worth telling. For our launching event, we filmed a Meditative Art Creation documentary taking you behind the scenes of the artistic process and immersing you in a joyful atmosphere of creativity and contemplation. The documentary features the best and brightest Budart artists and shows how meditative artworks are created. It provides a glimpse into the capacity of art to concisely and powerfully capture the essence of the spiritual experience, eliciting feelings of profound love, happiness, and serenity – feelings that arise from living with all one’s heart. 


Budart Artists

Get to know the stories of emerging and established meditative artists

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Sherab “Shey” Khandro

Sherab Khandro, an eminent American artist, was ordained as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition for 15 years. In her art, Sherab utilizes the intent of her vow as a Bodhisattva, a vow taken by Buddhists to return again and again until all suffering has come to an end: each stroke of her brush holds a prayer of compassion. Read more

Nikolai Makarov

Nikolai Makarov, an world renowned Russian born artist and the founder of the Museum of Silence in Berlin, believes that  the "time has come for fine art to achieve one of its oldest objectives: drawing beholders into contemplation and thus bringing them into contact with the spiritual aspects of the self". Read more

Liana Moon

Liana Moon's art expresses the spirit and insights of TIbetan Buddhism, which she has come to understand deeply after years of serious meditation practice and travelling to the sacred sites of the planet. Read more

Rina java

Rina is a sculptor and a drawing artist. She describes her style as a combination of symbolism and archaic art in a modern interpretation. Read more

alexander andromeda

Alexander Andromeda explores the ideas of mysticism and cosmism in his art, employing an extremely realistic style to emphasize the “otherness” of his protagonists and landscapes. Read more