Live Music Performances

Denis Kucherov and the Samhey Band


"It is hard to describe the sheer beauty of music played by the Samhey band. This is a healing nectar and pure joy. Each sound finds its way directly into your heart. These melodies heal and melt even frozen hearts. Charming rhythms of the Indian tabla, melancholic Rav drum, Slavic gusli, and a breathtaking sitar…"

Denise Kucherov and the Samhey band – outstanding performers of traditional Indian music and world music – will play for us throughout the Budart exhibition, art workshops, and festival events, creating a space incredibly conducive to meditation. We invite you to witness a rare collaboration of meditative music and meditative painting, which erases dividing lines between different art forms, between sounds and images, and breaks down many of the barriers artificially constructed in our minds.


Denis is a leader of the Samhey band and one of the finest Indian traditional music performers in Eastern Europe. Denis has spent over 15 years in India studying with best musicians of the country. During his stay in India, Denis performed at the biggest International Yoga festival in Rishikesh and at the most important music venues. Nowdays Denis gives concerts all over the world, and his audience gets a chance to experience the atmosphere of ancient India, with its joyful abandon and mystical ecstasy.


Denis is not only a talented musician, but a person with a truly big heart. He gives charitable concerts bringing joy to thousands of orphaned children. People like Denis have so much love and delight that they illuminate everything around them. We feel very privileged to have Denis join us at the Budart Exhibition in Los Angeles.


Meditative Art Creation Retreat in St. Petersburg, July 2017


For two days of our beautiful collaboration the music and painting merged into one. Artists were painting sounds, musicians were playing colors… All of us were meditating and trying to feel that which is beyond music, beyond the visible form.