The Spirit of Kindness

Budart Festival for Children in Foster Care


September 30, 2017


Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services

Los Angeles, CA, United States


Creating without fear and boundaries


Happiness is only real when shared. And what can be more uplifting that putting smiles on children’s faces? The Spirit of Kindness Festival was our way of bringing the joyful and creative atmosphere of our major event Budart Fest to children in foster care.


Outstanding artists and musicians from around the globe came together to organize a full-day program of entertaining, educational, and engaging events. Children participated in art workshops, meditation sessions, listened to the mesmerizing sounds of world music and spent an evening in the company of friends. There is no greater reward than seeing those faces light up with inspiration, joy, and hope!


The Spirit of Kindness Festival was part of our effort to harness the power of artist community to address the needs of children, who are out of supportive family environment and require guidance, inspiration and positive life examples. It is hard to find better people for this role than established figures in the world of art. Through painting, music and meditation, they can teach the children to express themselves, to create without fear and boundaries, to find the inner source of creativity and strength within themselves.


We are deeply grateful to all participants and volunteers of the event, to our dear friends, and to the highly professional team of Hathaway-Sycamores, who were a delight to work with.